What This New Year’s Eve Means To Me

People often look at New Year’s Eve as a time to start fresh. A time to work on the goals that they set for themselves to become the people they hope to be. They resolve to lose weight, save money, finish projects around the house. It is a time to move past the all of the things that did not go right for them over the past year.

For me, this New Year’s Eve is the end of what was undoubtedly the hardest year of my life (both past and future). It was the year that we said goodbye to my sweet boy. It was a year that you would think that I would be happy to put behind me.

This year was also the last year that my sweet Matthew was with me. The year that I saw him write his whole name for the first and answer a math problem all by himself. I got to snuggle with him, laugh with him and hang out with him.

2015 was the hardest year of my life but it is also the hardest year I have ever had to see end. I will spend next year and every upcoming year thinking about Matthew and missing him.

It was also the year that I learned that I am surrounded by incredible people. Not only family and friends but also people that I have met through Matthew’s helping Hands. I have seen the amount of people that Matthew has impacted in his short but amazing life. I know that with the help of these incredible people and all of the things that Matthew has taught us, he will continue to make this world a better place.



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